A-Team Moving On Bios 2011

As a 5th year senior and 4th year Machine player, this player grew to be of enormous importance to Machine from his humble beginnings on, yes, the B-team. Hailing from a competitive background in wrestling and football, he brought a level of physicality to his game which few could match, and after stepping up his commitment his junior year to make A-team, he became and remained among Machine’s top receivers. Living on the fringes of Rutgers on Cook campus and arguably the furthest away from the practice fields of any A-team player, his dedication could be witnessed in his 11:30pm late-night bike rides all the way back from Busch to his dorm on Cook every night after practice. This, sadly, came to an end once he got his car on campus and moved to Easton Ave apartments. As one of the few non-drinkers on Machine, he never let his sobriety turn him away from attending team parties, where he would laugh at all the drunken fools around him and still enjoy himself to the utmost. Whereas his girlfriend will be heading away to Rhode Island next year, it seems that this player will be stuck in Jersey for at least the summer.




………………….Bruce Reed


After turning down a D1 varsity scholarship from Hofstra University to run cross country, this 5th year player decided to enroll at the State University of New Jersey and later get hooked on a sport which would forever change his college experience. While not the most dominant deep receiver on the team, he learned from his first two years on the B-team that he could tirelessly run butterfly cuts until he got open, and by his 2nd year and final year on the A-team could be called to handle when needed as well. As long as you didn’t throw him a pass straight to his chest, he could be counted on to come down with the disc via some absurd crazy layout that was never gratuitous and would always make you cringe. His wildly original Jewish sense of humor would provide hours of countless entertainment during car rides to the many tournaments of his last two years on the team. In fact, he only missed one tournament period, fall or spring, in his last 2 years combined on the team. And as a civil engineer, he hopes to build bridges that won’t collapse and kill thousands of people in the aftermath. Long live math-gasms…………Ilan Levy


This teammate, more than anyone else, could be relied on to pick you up when you were down in the dumps and cheer up your spirit with his always-positive attitude. Though not an official captain of the team, he was utterly revered as if one, and was quick to always remind you where the heart lie. After transferring to Rutgers as a sophomore, he made the A-team in his first semester at school here, and could always be counted on to make highlight reel-worthy skies and/or huge incuts at will. When not studying, he could often be found at the Werblin gym, working long hours and putting in a good word for Machine with the Club Sports Director Steve Pappas. His most memorable moments on the field included his dropped goal from a DJ huck against Pittsburgh in fall 2008, and him putting his balls in some random Princeton players face playing at Metro East Regionals 2011. Despite this being his last spring season with Machine, he will also be around next fall finishing up the last of his classes. See you around next year………………………………… Dave Silverman


While he sometimes let his angrier side get the best of him, this senior had a deep and utter passion for HIS team and HIS sport when it came down to it. Playing an integral part of the team leadership as team Secretary from his sophomore year on, his way with words was 2nd to none on the team, and he could always be relied on to pump up Machine with his intensely fiery speeches. Though politically conservative, he could be extremely liberal when it came to dispensing pain on his opponents with his sweet layout D’s, gratuitous offensive bids, and his Marine-like physicality and “kill” mentality on D. His biggest endeavor may have been, however, in planning Machine’s ridiculously baller spring break trips, which will be forever immortalized as among the greatest in team social history. We will miss him dearly next year when he goes away to study Law at the University of Iowa, where he will play out his final year of USAU eligibility with a team that has qualified for nationals for the past 2 years straight and will hopefully do so again with this Machine alum………………………………….Geoffrey Irving


This 5th year senior came to Rutgers Ultimate knowing how to walk the walk and talk the talk from his 4 years of experience playing high school ultimate. His ability to handle in a zone “O” and break any cup or mark he wanted soon gained him respect as one of the team’s top handlers, even as an underclassmen. Even prior to captaining the team as a fourth year, he, more than any other player, began setting the tone and precedent for playing club over the summer when he made Pike in the summer of 2008 along with another Machine teammate who he convinced to try out. Though he gained notoriety for his tendency during spring break trips to spike the disc from 20 feet outside the endzone, and would often mysteriously disappear to Germany for months at a time, he holds the distinction of being one of only 2 current players or alumni graduated since 2007 to have played at Club Nationals, and was also more than partially responsible for the creation of the NJ Mixed program and Blueprint. Congratulations on winning a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to go teach English in Germany next year………..Glenn Poole


This grad student, despite having played with the team for only one year (actually, one semester), quickly and deeply became part of the Machine family after captaining his undergraduate team the year before. His insane layout bids were blatantly disgusting, and he was indisputably among the most dominant players on the team this year when it came time to get big and get UP. Like the team Prez, he could become psychopathically intense and turn on the kill button when needed, and took pride in being one of the biggest dicks on the field if provoked. His knowledge of the 11th Edition rules was mind-blowing, often quoting directly from the rules by memory to dazzle and stun his prey before the kill, and he will always be remember for his long pony tail and his “skorts,” both which he gave up upon joining Machine……………………….James Kulinski


This player was supposed to graduate from the team last year, but he instead decided to defy the elements and play for the team by commuting to practice every Tuesday and Thursday night from Rutgers-Newark, where his is attending law school. He already had his crossing over bio read last year, so not much more will be said. Oh, and his parents own Rutgers…………… Thales Nazario


The most committed, the most inspiring, the loudest on the sideline. This player taught me how to give more than 100%, on and off the field. He also taught me never to sleep in the same hotel room as him because of his ridiculously loud snoring, but since he’s always yelling on the sideline, one will let that slide. This players has been more than just a player to this team, he’s been a leader. He has helped everyone during practice, and helped people outside of practice. No one can question this player’s dedication to this team; however, if someone put a bowl of oatmeal with whole milk in front of him, one would bet he would choose to eat that before ultimate. Just playing: I know you would eat it during or after. As more than a player, more than a leader, and more than a friend………..Dan Johnson


This player was our official leader for this past season, but started leading us long before that. We respect him, we look up to him, and we all want his backhand break mark throw. He has unbelievable knowledge about this game, which made him a great captain and a great teacher. Everyone also seems to always wants to sleep with him when away on tournaments, for we all may like he is a little more than just friends. He is tough, a tremendous athlete, and taught us that Frisbee is a mental battle as well, that you have to will yourself to push yourself through the pain, push yourself through exhaustion. But when it comes to bedtime stories, he tells the other person to go to sleep instead! He brought us together, making this team closer than its been in previous years, making us a family. A leader of this family………………David Boyea

B-team Moving on Bios 2011

This player, whether dominating on the field or at the party, was always a force to be reckoned with. During his junior and senior years, one would find him hanging out a BID so often that he soon became the unofficial 12th BID housemate. His beautiful, sexy, long-wavy hair would fool many a hippie-hater into thinking that he had no business being on the ultimate field, but once on the line he would proceed to tear his opponents to shreds with his relentless work ethic and cuts, provided his ankles were healthy. As a former A-team player his freshman year, he took off the fall semester of his junior year from the team before realizing how much he missed the team and returning to captain the B-team his senior year, en route to their most successful spring season ever. As a mentor of many younger Machine players, his dedication to the team will be felt for many years to come, and we will miss him dearly next year when he heads off to Texas A & M University to begin his graduate studies in physics………………………………………………Sean Yeager

Whenever you needed some crazy ass throws to make the opponents cry, you would call him on the field. The weather was completely irrelevant, because he was spot on every time. A perfect example occurred at sectionals this year. Phil threw me a beautiful upwind hammer over a cup full of some chumps. They decided that such pretty throws were impossible in that weather, so they called a travel on Phil to compensate for doing such a lousy job at shutting him down. Phil shrugged it off, then rubbed it in their face by immediately throwing me another hammer that was somehow even more perfect than the last one. Phil did this kind of stuff on the reg though, and that’s why I always got excited when he was called on the line. His wily veteran skills never failed to manifest and it’s a gross understatement to say that having him around made captaining easier. Phil’s years of experience were an extremely vital component to B team’s success this year, and I know that he will be dearly missed…………………………………..Phil Landicho

Throughout his four years of playing at Rutgers, the only thing that could slow down Riz was an injury, and even then, it wasn’t by much. A popular pass time for long car rides consisted of betting on how many games would go by before Riz had to call himself off the field. But even on the sideline, Riz was always full of energy, keeping everyone’s heads up. Junior year, I was afraid that we had lost Riz to the notorious C team (he swears that being a Chemical Engineer is a lot of work), but he came back out this year with a vengeance. Better yet, he managed to stay mostly healthy and play in a ton of tournaments. It was easy to see that Riz was one of the most beloved people by the rookies and it’s even easier to see why. On the field, he was a double threat, making chilly decisions while handling but burning his defender while cutting. Off the field, he always had a smile on (well except while talking about Thermo). Finally, Riz undoubtedly came up with the best cheers, and B-team will have it’s hands full for a few years now counting down Vaughn’s bottles of JOOOOSE…………………………………Riz Aslam

Charlie was without a doubt the goofball of the team. He repeatedly wound up as the butt of stupid jokes, such as his unquenchable lust for ice cream, but that grin of his made it seem like that’s what he had planned all along. Charlie started playing a couple years ago and was a little flaky his first year. But once Charlie had established himself as a part of Machine, I’m fairly certain he never missed a single event. Whether it was a tournament, practice, pick up, team dinner, or even (well especially) rager, you could bank on Charlie being there. Also, Charlie holds the undisputed record for injury calls, getting to the point of the rest of us losing our empathy for the poor guy. Yet, as you can see, Charlie is now in a cast, so he proved us wrong. Anyway, Charlie, B team’s gonna miss you, good luck surviving in the real world………………………………Charlie Massry

This player has the unique distinction of sharing a name with someone from Rocko’s Modern Life. That alone leaves big shoes to be filled, shoes that I believe can only be filled by naming a freshman Spunky. This year distance made it tough for Phil to make it to events and I wish that I had gotten to play more points with him. On the field, you could always count on Phil to play intense defense, generating a D or two per game. I had the pleasure of playing on his Wildwood team last summer, where he made some game changing plays. As you can see, filling Phil’s shoes will take a lot more than an awesome nickname………………………………….Phil Albert